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Though not having known Jennifer for a long time, I have quickly come to recognize her as a genuine and caring person that dedicates herself with a passion I rarely see.

I have no doubt her incredible determination and warm personality will help her in whatever she sets her mind to, and benefit whoever she works with.

Janis Luchini

When we sell our house in Tuscany we will be sure to ask Jennifer to be our agent because she is dedicated to do the best for her clients.

We know that she will be sensitive to our wishes and requirements and do her utmost to get the best price for our house..

Martina McCann

Jennifer Gurnett is driven, determined and resourceful.

We trusted her with our Pet Stores so we would definitely trust her with our Real Estate! Her passion and generosity towards Animal Rescue reflects her character. She provides outstanding customer service and will go above and beyond to suit your needs.

Tara Leeder

When Jennifer is passionate about something she will definitely give it her all.

She is a people person and as your representative she will do everything possible to make your experience a good one.

Jocelyn Wittner

We've known Jennifer for a couple of years through her role as a business manager, product advisor, mentor and subsequently, as a friend.

Her dedication, compassion, in-depth knowledge and ability to relate to and communicate clearly with a broad range of clients is unparalleled. We highly recommend Jennifer to those who are looking for an agent who will get things done in an efficient and trustworthy manner.

Wendy Tso

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